Idea 1. The Box (Working Title)

A man grieving for his recently deceased uncle aims to discover what has been hidden in a locked box that he was banned from touching his entire life, The film will take place in the modern day where the boy will now be a 20-something adult. The character will be at his decesed uncles house after the wake collecting photos and memento’s until he finds ‘the box’ he will then contomplate what could possibly be in this box,  I have an idea of using an angel/devil imagination scene where the character imagines for 1 minute what could possibly be in this box, The character (after much silent hesitaition) will eventually open the box, only to find a personal message from his uncle (‘I told you not to open the box’)

Inspired by a short story by illusionist Derren Brown I aim to get the audience wondering what is in the box and sympthising with the character as he decides whether or not it is worth going down this path, the ‘twist’ ending would hopefully get people smiling after being taking down the road of mystery the whole film, This film would only have two main characters (Man, Uncle) and would need two main actors (Man and him in a flashback as a boy) The idea is that we would not ever see the uncle in the film but we would need an elder voice actor to voice him in the flashback and big reveal scenes.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated.



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