Idea 2

Woman and man. Woman is dressing man, buttoning up his shirt, doing his tie etc. Man is combing her hair and putting on her shoes. They walk side by side with their arms interlinked. Get in a taxi together, she rests her head on his shoulder and a tear goes down her face. When they get out the taxi they’re at the harbour/airport (something like that), man gets out the taxi, kisses her goodbye. We can see that he is in an army outfit and is a soldier going off to war. The taxi continues with her in until it reaches 10 downing street. Woman gets out of taxi, she’s dressed in hippy clothes and has a banner saying “bring the troops home”. She joins many other protesters then there is a shot of her looking upset amoungst all these protesters. The camera slowly cuts to the soldier looking sad with all his other troops around him. Ends with maybe the British flag flying in the wind alongside the CND Peace flag

This is Jambo’s idea and it comes from the great musical movie “Hair”.

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