I recently created a documentary about Domestic Violence. I captured a strong and moving story, which was very shocking. I have thought about reinacting the story and creating a short film out of the piece. I have also though about including a twist on the story so, throughout the film it is thought that all along the character is a woman as Domestic Violence is more expected in this gender, but then it turns out to be a male. The camera shots will allow the viewer to not know whether the character is a man or a woman. This may be hard, but I think with the right camera angles it can be done.

To keep the main character as a woman is also an option, however when thinking of who to use to play this character could be quite tricky, due the seriousness of the subject.

When thinking of a location, it should be quite a grimey area, to represent poverty, due to the fact that the person affected was poor.

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