Some Short films that inspired my idea

I like this film because it tells a lot about the two characters it has and their relationship without the use of speech and/or changing locations, I found this to be a humorous piece that shows the importance of the cinematography of a film and how a story can be told without the use of text or voiceovers.

This is another film that doesn’t use dialouge to get over it’s point but has a clever idea and some great use of split screen editing.

Now i’m not suggesting to make a film like this, but I found it quite intresting that they managed to condense down an hour and a half film and a lot of it’s major plot lines into a 60 second piece, it may be worth looking at some full length productions and seeing if they could be treated in this way as well. (also there are other films in the 60 second umbrella including Fight Club)


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Coventry Media Production Graduate
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