Some inspiration

Watching this film I’ve realised how successful simple ideas can be , if developed into a good story. The ‘Plastic Bag’ short film follows the journey of a pink shopping bag from supermarket checkout to its final resting place in the Pacific trash vortex. After some time spent in the home of its beloved owner, called ‘maker’ in the film, the plastic bag travels to different locations throughout the film. Giving the bag a human voice, the producer tells us a story about a talking piece of plastic, which ends up as a deeply felt meditation on existence and one’s purpose in life.

The Silent Short — The Black Hole Dir. Phil and Olly, UK, 2008

Film is about telling stories in pictures, which is the most economical way of telling a story – and in the making of shorts, economy is everything.

As Clifton said during one of our lectures, the golden rule of  filmmaking is: show, don’t tell. The idea and story are the ones that should be focused enough in a film, in scope to exist entirely in the viewer’s head, no matter of the lenght of that film.

After watching this short, I have realised how important the simplicity, clarity and economy of the storytelling as well as the vision of the piece, and its visual images are. A wordless, one man film, shot in one location and probably  in less  than a day has more than 8.000.000 views on YouTube.

In few words, the film is about a simple worker, who at the office photocopier one evening, makes an amazing discovery. The facial expressions of the character hold the film all together. The actor is great to watch, but the simple ingeniously concept deserves credit too.


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Hello! :) I am an enthusiastic and ambitious student in Media Production, with relevant work experience, through which I developed excellent team-work skills and a good knowledge of the media environment.
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