ikea idea #1 pro’s and con’s (add any more you can think of)

Couple idea: 18-22 man and woman having a conversation in what appears to be a cut off split screen, the characters are talking to each initally via facebook and then decide to call each other (Facebook shots could be over the shoulder or redone in the editing stage) they then proceed to chat on the phone about meeting up later for dinner, they both agree and then walk ‘off set’ and the audience realises this is a furniture shop they then walk to the dinner table in another part of ikea,they then sit down ready for a meal as a couple

PRO’S: only 2 people needed for this to work, simple shots and nothing too complicated technically.Traditional Rom-Com formula can be followed.If worked well twist could be highly amusing and surprising for the audience

CONS: doesn’t use the space to it’s full potential, script would need to be good to keep characters interesting. Obviously depends on being able to use Ikea



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One Response to ikea idea #1 pro’s and con’s (add any more you can think of)

  1. Also thought about linking this to the familes idea and ending the film with a scan around the floor to see a bunch of different families in the rooms (played by willing extras similar to how we shot today)

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