Initial Ideas to Inside Ikea (Nice title)

Today we had to present our short film idea to everyone. Tensions were running high as we had only done the bulk of our blog the night before, and not everyone in the group was happy with the idea. We pitched our protest idea to the group and received feedback. I feel that the general consensus of everyone was that the idea was “OK” but nothing that thrilling. We got useful ideas of things to add to the piece though, such as the man not being in the army and becoming a policeman. If he is a policeman that means that it is he that kills his wife during the protest, however we don’t find this out till the end, as his wife would be in a balaclava and he will be in full riot gear, disguising his face. The main issue that kept arising for this was the location of the protest. I had under-estimated just how difficult the protest would be to pull of well, and realized that it may be impossible to do.

With no real plan of action to sort this scene out we all went to the comment room after presenting. As the protest scene would have completely relied on they’re actually being a protest between now and march, it may not have been doable. Also, things such as rain and a poor turn out of demonstrations would have been devastating for the shot. In the common room the general atmosphere was that the majority of the group was unhappy with the idea. I personally felt ok about it, but honestly not that thrilled. I was keener to take it forward as I had been up all night writing a running order for it. However once we decided that we had a vague new idea to go with I felt a little better. The idea we were going to try and think of was something based around the short film ‘Inside’ in which the main character has a split personality, and all of his personalities are portrayed visually by people representing them. I think I was hesitant at first because it seemed we had no real direction to go in, and was panicking than we would not sort things out in time.

We then entered our session with Steve, Pete and Clifton to discuss our idea. After talking to Steve we decided to abandon the protest idea. In the end I agreed with him and the group, it would be too hard to film the protest thing well, and if we can come up with something much more creative then we should go for it. After some ideas started rolling we started thinking about places that our film could be set. The idea of being in a building after dark seemed appealing, as we could experiment a lot with lighting and shadows. Our first idea was to have a security guard alone in a gallery and after dark he begins to paint art work that is already on the walls, and once completed he removes the art work and replaces it with his copy. Keeping that idea in mind we then thought of other ways in which we could use nighttime scenarios. Sam suggested someone possibly locked in Iceland and having to eat all the food. That then progressed onto someone stuck in IKEA and having to make a bed and sleep there.

Once we hit that word ‘IKEA’ we all began firing off ideas in ways of which we could use the space there.  Excitedly, we came up with two good scenarios of things to film there. This included having it so that there was a couple living there together, and we see them going about their nightly ritual. Such things could include the man brushing his teeth on one of the many mirrors that are on display, and the woman fluffing the pillows of a double bed that is in the middle of the corridor. Our other idea was that there could be many families living in IKEA, creating a small community. This would be brilliant to film, and having everyone doing something different in the rooms would look excellent on camera. Starting the scene could be a man kissing his wife goodbye for work, and walking out of their “house” which is actually a model room. Then as he walks down the isle the camera is following him and he is waving good morning to all the other families. The audience would then see that he is in a furniture shop, and it would give the connotation that there is a whole world going on inside IKEA after dark. We thought that we could have it so that in each of the rooms there was a family living there secretly. We could put the camera on a track and have a really nice smooth shot of all the families doing different things, panning down the corridor of IKEA. There could also be an announcement from the tannoy system saying “Goodnight all”. To which the camera would then film the outside of the shop, and we would see lights being turned off all over the huge building. If we captured the dark sky behind the building a swell then this shot would look visually stunning.

Shot in Ikea. This shot of shot will be used, showing a family either side of the wall.

People having dinner and common routines being shown in the film. Portrayed as a normal life, possibly not revealing that the actors are in Ikea until the end.

We went to IKEA today and had a look around there, sitting on the beds and trying out the furniture whilst taking photographs and filming on a Cannon. Watching the images and videos back we can already see our project coming to life, and I feel that this would work really well if we could do it. The main problem facing us at the moment is that we have not yet asked IKEA for permission… We are going to be writing up a proposal and will hand it into the manager ASAP. If we cannot film in IKEA, then our back up (as annoying as it would be) would be to go to other furniture shops such as DFS, and ask their permission to film.

A cheery man in his home!

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  1. pitri1221 says:

    Well presented day of the group, Jambo!

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