The labels on the furniture

I was thinking for the labels around and that we all like the way they stay there. We can still have them in the end of the film, like part of revealing that they actually live in IKEA. Like they have the labels hidden when the customers are out so they can feel more like home the place. We can film them having a dinner, conversation or whatever the story we will make to look like, but in the morning when they dress up for work and ready to leave the place they take our the labels and we can reveal the truth. I was thinking of it when Jambo said that one of the people in the room can pick a book, for example and see the label of the furniture. The people that are living there just prepare the place ready for customers.

This is something that I was thinking of for the revealing, not full idea or decision. 🙂

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One Response to The labels on the furniture

  1. I like the idea, I was thinking of leaving a few labels on the background items (as a subtle clue to the audience, maybe even a joke about forgetting to take a label off an item so people know how much it was), I was thinking my big reveal for my idea that most the tags would be hidden until we revealed it was ikea and then it’d be as many as possible 🙂

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