Someone Living in Ikea.

Revealing Ikea at the start idea if people want to go with that?

Feeding off the idea about someone living in IKEA, I will now discuss one idea for this.  There is a shot of ikea showing a light go on, (this may be hard as I doubt we are allowed to turn all of the lights off). Or someone on the Tannoy saying ‘IKEA IS NOW CLOSED’. Then there is a cleaner who leaves the building, she is the last to leave. The next shot shows a man finishing his shower, then going into his bedroom to get changed. He heres noises, someone dropping books on the floor? He goes out to find out who it is but doesn’t see anything.

Turns out the person living there is actually the cleaner.. erm .

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One Response to Someone Living in Ikea.

  1. pitri1221 says:

    I like the idea of this, but we still can do something the same but keep the surprise for the end.
    We can show them both going home at the end of the working day when they send all of the people home and turn off some lights. After we can show them separate, we still can keep the split screen and to show them in their own houses having a dinner, shower, doing some cleaning , sleeping, after that showing them in the morning preparing for work and the usual things in the morning. After that we can show them going for work, but actually leaving the showrooms in IKEA and going to work right where they are living – in IKEA. Or something like this 😛

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