Character Development (Girl)

Name Jasmin
Nickname Jas
Reasons for name (If any)  
Age 20/21
Sex Female
Nationallity Indian


Height 5”5
Build Slim
Complexion Long brown hair, big eyes, very classical Indian look.
Hair Colour Black/dark brown.
Hair Quality Any
Usual Hairstyle Down, long
Eye Colour N/A
Facial Features N/A
Distinguishing Features N/A
Scars (if any) One on her arm, where she was abused/attacked due to race hate.
General Health Healthy
Style Of Dress Typical dress, possibly with Hijab.
Grooming She’s not into that.


Birthplace India
Father’s attitude/occupation/parenting style Strict Indian upbringing, arranged marriage, disapproving of any relationship that he has not approved of.
Mother’s attitude/occupation/parenting style Traditional values, but more understanding as she herself is in an unhappy marriage.
If no, parents why?  
Siblings if any? One brother, in prison for defending sister during attack and badly injuring someone.
Relationship with family members. Father is very much angry at her, knows she has a boyfriend and is always aggressively stopping her from leaving the house. Mother tries to get her to understand her fathers opinions, but she sees her mother as just as bad as dad for defending him. Visits brother in prison, but father has disowned him and forbids the mother from seeing him.
Family Fueds (if any?) See above
Financial Situation Wealthy, father owns a shop and is doing well.
Happiest Memory When having her first sleepover with friends in England at the age of 8.
Childhood Trauma’s? Family arguments about the brother, who frequently got into trouble. Seeing him hit by father.
Childhood event that still affects him/her General family disputes have led her to dispise parents. Especially father.


Education Single faith secondary school, not allowed 6th form due to father not approving.
Occupation History Working in family friend run business
Achievements In her mind, getting a boyfriend who cares about her despite race.
Obstacles in life (disability, family commitments, etc) Family, race, boyfriends friends hating her and constantly looking down on her.
Special Skills (if any) Singing
Geographical History  


Past Key Relationships One with a boyfriend father had set up, ended badly when he was possessive and hanged around in a gang.
Marriages/divorces? Father still insists on arranged marriage in 2 years time. Hense the tension
Sexual Orientation straight
Why did relationships end? (if any) See above
Any recurrant themes?  
Past Convictions (if any)  
Hobbies Singing, embroidery.
Favourite Food/Drink Bacon sandwich (her treat when she is away form family)
Usual Haunts  
Philosophy in life (cautious, carefree, etc,) why? Wary of outside world, but determined to not let it bother her, so acts in an adventurous and care-free manner.
Religion (if any?) Turned her back on it after seeing her family life


Worst thing that could happen to him/her? Family would move house far away from boyfriend, and force marriage on her.
Best thing that could happen to him/her? Father and boyfriends friends are accepting of her.
Addictive Behaviour (alcohol, gambling etc.)  
Personal detail most ashamed of.  
What s/he would change about themselves why? Race, family.
What s/he wants most from life. To be accepted and travel the world (maybe?)
Personal Goals  
Personal Strengths  
Personal Weaknesses  
Sexual Transgressions (if any)  
Compulsions (if any)  
Obsessions (if any)  

Feel free to add anything to this character profile. Just an idea at the moment, but back up plan could be conflict between two races. Indian girl and a white boy, who’s friends don’t like her and the Indian family doesn’t approve. This is not very original and has been done before, so if we were to do this would need to find an exciting twist to it! It looks pretty shite at the moment, but if we worked on it maybe it could turn out quite cool? Whatyall fink?


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