Character development

eyup just done a character development for how i feel the character in the proposed rom-com could play out. if you’d like to have a go at any other characters there is a link here, to the table i made to present this 🙂 My charcter is insipired by a number of different ‘going nowhere’ characters from recent hollywood films and TV series focusing on 18-25 young adults with no real sense of direction, including:

Tim Baisley – Spaced

Snork – Cementery Junction

Scott Pilgrim – Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Arthur Dent – HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy (2005)

Name Simon
Nickname N/A
Reasons for name (If any) N/A
Age 20-24
Sex M
Nationallity English
Disabilities N/A
Glasses? Yes
Height 5’8 – 6’1
Build Average
Weight Between 10 and 12
Complexion White, Clear smooth
Hair Colour ?
Hair Quality Fair
Usual Hairstyle Short to mid-range male length hair no longer than the ears. Quite smartly styled.
Eye Colour Blue?
Facial Features N/A
Distinguishing Features Nothing out of the ordinary
Scars (if any) N/A
General Health Healthy, but not likely to be running any marathons or spend hours at the gym.
Style Of Dress Hipster/geek/topshop style clothing.
Grooming Shaves fairly regualry but not completely clean shaven.
Birthplace Leeds
Father’s attitude/occupation/parenting style Fairly Strict/ protective/ Carpenter/ working class
Mother’s attitude/occupation/parenting style Fairly Strict/ protective/ Shop worker / working class
If no, parents why? N/A
Siblings if any? N/A
Relationship with family members. Strained, because of going off to university without their approval (refused due to fear of debt)
Family Fueds (if any?) See above.
Financial Situation Not rich but not coping too poorly, has enough money to live on.
Happiest Memory His one and only summer vacation with the family.
Childhood Trauma’s? Bullied as a teenager
Childhood event that still affects him/her ^^^
Education All of his education in leeds until uni when he moved to Coventry…
Occupation History Tried a part-time job in manufacturing but decided it was not for him and now studies business management.
Achievements Decent GCSE’s and A – Levels, he would consider his greatest achievement as wining the trophy for the most improved footballer of the year in his under 8’s football squad
Failures Underachieved for most of his life, constant mediocrity rather than any huge failures
Obstacles in life (disability, family commitments, etc) Family pressures have been an obstacle in his life, leading partly to his less than confident demine.
Special Skills (if any) N/A
Gifts/Talents Fairly decent musician, can play guitar to fairly high standard, but is currently not in a band.
Geographical History English all his life, went on holiday once with family to south of france.
Past Key Relationships A couple of short-term relationships that led nowhere in recent years.
Marriages/divorces? N/A
Sexual Orientation Straight
Why did relationships end? (if any) Incompatible with both girls and realised in a matter of months.
Any recurrant themes? ^
Past Convictions (if any) N/A
Hobbies Playing guitar, social networking, video gaming, played cricket before leaving for uni but has since given up.
Favourite Food/Drink Chinese
Usual Haunts Easily annoyed, overthinks.
Philosophy in life (cautious, carefree, etc,) why? Cautious, rarely makes a major decision without thinking of how it could go right/wrong (overthinking)
Religion (if any?) Protestant
Martial Status Single
Quality of marriage/partnership N/A
Issues in marriage/partnership N/A
Children/dependants N/A
Names of children, ages, sex N/A
Relationship with children N/A
Occupation Business Management Student
Is S/he happy with said occupation? If not why? Fairly happy, but does not get on with course mates well.
What would s/he rather be doing? He’s not sure, but he knows he doesn’t want to go back to ‘leeds’
Relationship with work colleagues Poor, not on anyone’s bad side, but never sees any of them outside of lectures.
Issues at work (if any) ^^^
Financial situation Fair.
Quality of home life Fair. Gets on Ok with housemates, but a fairly quiet household.
Typical Daily Routine Go out, go university, go library for a good few hours (but do little but check out facebook and other social mediums)
Type of car/s driven (if any) N/A
Worst thing that could happen to him/her? To go back ‘home’ and return to the life he left behind.
Best thing that could happen to him/her? Get a job, get a girlfriend and move abroad.
Addictive Behaviour (alcohol, gambling etc.) Enjoys alcohol but rarely allows himself to get drunk.
Personal detail most ashamed of. Wishes he put more effort into the gym, (shyness puts him off going most often)
What s/he would change about themselves why? ^^^
What s/he wants most from life. Get a job, get a girlfriend and move abroad.
Personal Goals To study hard and make something of his life
Personal Strengths Passionaite, nice character, not nasty
Personal Weaknesses An overthinker always making situations worse than they really are.
Sexual Transgressions (if any)
Compulsions (if any)
Obsessions (if any)

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