Character Development for New idea

[SIMON] [MALE] [AGE: 20-25]


Simon is an awkward feet-shuffling, bumbling character, who only expresses real emotions to his non-English speaking crush, Elina. He works in the store, and shyly flirts with her when she comes in, e.g. by putting a love heart sweet in with her receipt. Due to the language barrier he communicates his affection visually with small gestures of love and appreciation. He comes out of his shell when she enters the store, practically all other times he is very reserved and hostile towards the general public.


[ELINA] [FEMALE] [AGE: 19-25]


Elina is the light of Simon’s life. She is abused by her controlling boyfriend, and only visits the store to buy him more alcohol. She likes that Simon is kind to her, and is interested in him, but not as strongly as he is for her. As she does not speak English, she communicates affection by the way she accepts his gifts, and by smiling and speaking softly in her native tongue. She feels happiest when around Simon, and it’s clear that in an ideal world they would be together.






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