New idea :D

New Idea.   This is a very rough first draft of our new idea.

Our new idea features around the meet-ups of a store worker in Costcutter, Simon, and a foreign girl who regularly comes in, but does not speak English, Elina. The story begins by the woman coming into the store, to buy alcohol. However she is buying alcohol for her abusive, controlling boyfriend, who often waits outside the shop for her and violently takes the drink and slurs abuse. Each time she comes into the shop, Simon subtly flirts with her. He is madly in love with her, and feels happy when she comes into the store. She however is interested in him, but not on the same level as he is to her,

Over time we see her frequently coming into the store and buying drink, and Simon beginning to chat to her in English. Even though they don’t understand each other, it is clear there’s a connection between them. One day we see Elina out of the shop, and in the flat of her boyfriend who is being aggressive and demands that she goes to buy more alcohol. He is not English, but we will show that he wants more drink by possibly having him try and get the last drops out of a beer can and then throwing it at her in a drunken rage.

When she comes into the shop after we have seen that, Simon has finally worked up the courage to do something about his love for her. As she enters the store she looks at Simon and begins to cry. He then walks up to the door and switches the sign to “Closed”. He then proceeds to light candles all down the isle of the floor, and produces a bottle of champagne from the frozen food section. He puts a blanket on the floor and has a picnic with her. They are both very happy, and we think that everything will work out. However, the sad twist is that at the end, when Elina comes back into the store, Simon is delighted and has a huge smile on his face. Unfortunately the boyfriend then comes into the shop, and drunkenly puts his arm around Elina, walking out with her and more booze.

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