Script for tomorrow

So tomorrow is the audition, and I’ve created a mini-script for the actors to read from. This is because our script has very little dialogue, and we feel we would get to see how the actors would portray the characters better if there was more speech. So, I have created this-


Well… what is there to say? I’m not exactly the most… outgoing, of guys. In fact, I, I cant seem to really hold a conversation with anyone for that long without them figuring out what sort of a lonesome freak I am. Yes, as you guess, I live alone. I eat alone, I watch TV alone, and most upsettingly, I go to bed, alone.

I’ve heard that being free and single is what life is all about. But I think people that say that have had their heart broken too many times. So they latch onto any meaningless saying they can find which, some how, comforts them in one respect, but leaves them hollow and empty in others.  As you may have guessed, I’m quite pessimistic. You would be too, If you had my luck. Well, that’s me, Simon. I’m sure we’ll make great friends.


My English is not very good. So… I try to smile a lot, I find it makes friends easier than speaking!

ELINA Smiles , and looks at Simon. She is happy to see him, and shows him via discreet smiles and facial expressions. She reaches for her pocket, and pulls out a love heart sweet. She bites half of it off, and leaves the other half on the counter.

You are kind to me. Thank you for this.  Sometimes…

ELINA begins to get upset, looking at the floor trying to hold back tears.

Sometimes… it is all to much. Everything, is just… too much.


What can I say? I am me!  I don’t have many problems, the girl deals with whatever I need doing. Women are good to have around for certain things, but men are the only company you need. My hobbies? Drinking, smoking and not giving a fuck about what anyone says. If anyone has a problem with me they know what sort of a time they are in for. My name is Marek, and I let no-one control me or get in my way.  Challenge that, and it will be the last thing you ever do.

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