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Audition date is tomorrow, and I feel confident that we are on schedule and can cast people in a professional manner. There is one thing stopping this though.. which is the fact that it’s an open day tomorrow! This puts us in a very annoying situation, with the Ellen Terry building being full up with lost people wandering around, it’s going to be difficult to find our actors and take them to the green room (Ellen Terry common room) and then take them to the dance studio to audition from there. Unfortunately, the TV studio’s were all booked out, so we had to use our back up plan of the dance studio. The annoying thing is that our actors will have to wait in the common room, which may seem a bit unprofessional and they might not enjoy being surrounded by students the whole time they are worrying about performing.

Our plan is that one of us will wait outside Ellen Terry, with a sign saying “International Affairs” on, then the actors will approach who ever is outside, and will be led into the common room. In the common room they will be greeted by someone else, who will explain to them what’s going on (E.G we’ll give you a copy of the script in the audition, then we’ll call you when ready). This should make the actors feel like they know what’s going on more and feel more relaxed. This is important, as its open day, so it’s all going to be very busy and rushed as it is! We will also be taking down everyones contact numbers, and discussing with them the shoot date and possibly negotiating payment/expenses, should we need to.

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