Casting – By Sam Davies

Today was the day of casting our actors. Producer Jambo made us aware that a lot of people had responded to our advertisements and casting calls, however we was wary to see who actually would turn up.
Auditions took place in the Dome, which is at the top of Ellen Terry, it is a Drama room which is rather spacious, we were worried about the echo but it turned out to be fine. We set up the room where the actors were going to be performing their audition and made sure that it looked professional. Everyone helped to set up the room with Gergana and Anka setting up lights, the camera and the tables where I and Jambo would sit. A table was also set up in Reception for when the actors came in; we had a signing in book for them to write in to let us know that they were hear. Shaun was going to be at the table at all times, that way the actors would always know where they would be going. Refreshments were made for the actors and left in the waiting room, that way it was more professional.
When everyone was ready the first audtition arrived and was led to the waiting room by Anka. Anka and Gergana worked together to escort each one of the actors who came into the building to the Dome, as well as escorting them out, giving them scripts and refreshments and making them feel at is. They also took it in turns to watch the auditions and record on the camera.
I and Jambo sat on a table in the audition room, with materials to make notes with. When the first audition came in we introduced ourselves and explained what we wanted them to perform. We gave each audition an insight to what kind of character they were going to play then gave them time to read over the prepared script.
The first audition that came in was extremely nervous. He had never acted before and wanted to try something new. We gave him the chance to audition for Simon, as we didn’t think that he would fit the character of Marek. The audition acted scared very well but I think this was because he was really nervous. He lives in Nuneaton so we asked him to be an extra if he didn’t get the role of Simon, which he agreed to do.
The second audition was a boy called Collum who is in the first year studying drama at our Uni. He came in the room confident and as soon as I saw him, pictured him as Simon. He was quite skinny and looked harmless; I thought that he fit the character well. When he auditioned he made great facial expressions and his voice was strong and had a good pitch. I am very confident that this will be our final Simon.
The third audition was a student from Banbury; he was taking a year out from doing Drama. He also auditioned for the role as Simon. I thought he was good at acting but when he spoke I thought that he sounded like he was trying to put on an American accent. I didn’t really think that he fit the character of Simon, so we got him to try Marek. He didn’t fit the character of Marek either, so I don’t think that we are going to be using him.

The next audition was a girl from Latvia, our first Elina. She studied Theatre at our Uni and as soon as she came in I could picture her as Elina and thought that she fit the character well. It was also a bonus that she was foreign because Elina is foreign. We gave Elina a script and she was good at acting, we asked her to cry and she could do this well. I thought that the way that she looked quite innocent would fit well with her character. I am confident that this will be the right Elina.
Due to the fact that only four people turned up to the actual audition we decided to take a physical approach and ask the drama students if they wanted to audition in our film or if they knew anyone that would be interested, considering we had everything set up. We found a girl who decided to audition and she was actually really good, she didn’t fit the appearance of Elina, but she used emotion, I have decided to consider her for the final role of Elina.

Considering we still didn’t have a Marek, we also asked around if anyone wanted to audition for him. We found a lot of people who looked like they should be a Marek but many refused to audition and couldn’t even act. No one else decided to audition for Elina and Simon either.
Overall I thought the auditions went really well, even though a lot of people didn’t turn up I think that the people that did were really good. It has been decided that Simon is going to be Collum, the second person that we auditioned and Elina is going to be the Latvia girl who auditioned.

At the start of the audition I was very nervous but then I got into it and learnt that you have to be confident and make the actors feel at ease. I think that this was a valuable and fun experience, due to the fact that we learnt how to properly audition and cast people. I thought it was also exciting as it meant that the film was coming to life.
I think we need to make a stronger poster and make more posters so that more people will know about the casting. I spoke to a drama student today who told me when the drama students next had lectures, the plan is to go into their lecture tomorrow and tell people about the opportunity. The script also needs to be finalised which will be worked on tonight and tomorrow.

Now to find a Marek.

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