Character Visions

I decided to draw my impression of what I imagine each of the characters to look like, I feel that this will help with casting. Firstly I imagine Simon to be quite young maybe in his 20’s, with a young looking face. The first drawing shows a skinny, timid looking character. The second drawing shows once again a young looking male, who hasn’t really hit puberty yet. I also get the impression that Simon could wear glasses, to show that he is a bit geeky.

Marek has been described in the script as foreign. I don’t know why but I just imagine him as really hairy with dark eyes and quite an aggressive face an mannerisms. I don’t think should be very good looking, I think he should have really dark features to make him look quite evil, as well as thick eye brows and lots of hair. This is how I imagine Marek to perhaps look.

The impression script gives me is that Elina should be pretty. She should have a foreign or authentic look to her with pale skin. I think that Elina should have long hair, but I have drawn her with possible short hair. I don’t think Elina should be very tall.

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