Further Casting

Today the group went to Graham Sutherland to go into the Drama lecture to let people know about the opportunity to be in our film. Unfortunately the lecture was cancelled meaning we began searching for a Marek once again. We spent the whole day in Ellen Terry and the streets of Coventry, which sounds quite unprofessional but it had to be done. Some potential Marek’s were found but a lot were busy and couldn’t make the shooting. I gave my contact details to a drama student in the third year who said he would pass on the message to people in the drama department, after 10 minutes I got a phone call from a boy interested in being casted, I then arranged to audition him with Gergana and Anka the next day. For the rest of the day we carried on searching for a Marek, got some more contact details of people interested however they couldn’t actually act so I doubt that we will be using them.

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