Filming tomorrow!

Tomorrow we begin filming our short! It’s both exciting and terrifying. Errifying, if you will. Tomorrow we are only filming the scene where Simon gets ready for work. For this we will be filming in my bathroom and in my bedroom. We chose my house to film in both for convenience and because we:

A) Needed a bedroom that looked like a boy would own (mine is messy and has boy-ish attributes such as deodorant laying around, clothes on the floor etc)  My/Simon’s room tomorrow. The bed being un-tidy and clothes being on the floor will show how little Simon cares about his possessions and the way he doesn’t think about his appearance.

B) Needed a bathroom with a mirror that we could also fit the JVC, Tripod, Lighting and director in, plus actor. My bathroom does this (just) it will be a tight squeeze but I think we’ll be able to get some really nice shots with the rooms.

My/Simon’s sink. Here will be where we film him getting ready. Possibly from this angle, or maybe via standing in the bath to get a profile view of him looking in the mirror. We could have it so that we only see close-ups of Simon’s face in certain areas, such as teeth when brushing and hair when combing. At the end of the scene Simon may pull the sliding mirror revealing his reflection. This could be the first time we see what he looks like and would set the tone of the following scene via his facial expression in the mirror.

A further out camera angle. Showing more of the bathroom. Could be used to film Simon entering the room, revealing his full surroundings.

A depressing example of Simon looking in the mirror. This sort of angle could be used when he slides the mirror into view and begins to look at himself. I can’t take this picture seriously, mostly because I found it surreal posing depressed for a picture of myself in a Mirror!

The shots for this tomorrow will be used in the hip-hop style quick-pased scene that we discussed in a previous post. Few second shots of Simon brushing his teeth, combing his hair and putting on aftershave etc will provide the necessary visuals for showing him preparing for his gruelling night shift.

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