Recce Sheet for the first location – Jambo’s House

Title of production:International Affairs         Date of recce: 28.02.2011

Location: Jambo’s house  in Coventry

Present: production team: Anca, Gergana, James, Sam and Shaun plus the main actor ‘Simon’

Indicate Yes/No for each area Comments/Details
Local Conditions:  


  • Any known problems
If yes, please detail (including source of information) 


Space restraints in the bathroom. The amount of space we have available needs to be used efficiently and very carefully when setting up the kit, including the tripod, the camera, lights, sound equipment, plus 3 people (the actor , the director and the sound person)
  • Aid needed
If yes, please detail name, address and contact numbers for each person/organisation 


  • Permission needed


  • Protective clothing needed
If yes, please detail
  • Appropriate viewpoints    isolated


  • Any obstructions


  • Easy to reach and safe
If no, please detail requirements


  • Power available
If no, please detail alternative arrangements
  • Lighting appropriate
No Additional  lighting equipment needed
If no, please detail alternative arrangements 


  • Sound equipment (please detail)
2 microphones  and one recording device will be needed


One microphone will be connected to the camera and one will record the sounds separately
Anticipated problems:
  • Sound


If yes, please detail 


Any background noise that could be captured, as the microphone is so sensitive 


  • Light


If yes, please detail 


The natural light in the room is too dark, so at least 3 more lights will be needed. Shadows could give us trouble
  • Picture
If yes, please detail 


  • People
If yes, please detail 


  • Other
If yes, please detail 


Other considerations (please provide details for each):
  • Security considered
  • Welfare considered (transport, food, First Aid etc.)

Refreshments will be provided for the actor/group members, such as tea, biscuits, coffee, sandwiches


  • Set dressing required

Messy boy room. Bed being untidy and things like deodorant laying all around, clothes on the floor etc

  • Props required

Deodorant, Slippers,Toothbrush


A total mess in Simon’s room will show more about himself as a character and  how little he cares about his  way of life / possessions

Using a recording device will help us emphasis all the sounds in a ‘getting ready in the morning’ scene, such as: feet on the floor, flushing toilet, water going down the drain, brushing teeth, spraying deo, zip sound, door slamming

Additional lights will be crucial for our filming, as the natural light is too dark



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Hello! :) I am an enthusiastic and ambitious student in Media Production, with relevant work experience, through which I developed excellent team-work skills and a good knowledge of the media environment.
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