Sound list for scene 1 – ‘getting ready in the morning routine’

Being in charge of the sound,  I have decided that before going into production it is vital to plan out how the sound will be recorded and what kind of sounds I am going to record more precisely.

Following the shot list   that Sam has just made for the first scene of our film, I have made an independent list of all the sounds  included in this scene:

  1. Sound of the feet on the floor
  2. Sound of toilet flusher
  3. Sound of tap water
  4. Sound of water going down the drain
  5. Sound of the character washing his face
  6. Sound of toothbrush on his teeth
  7. Sound of deodorant spraying
  8. Sound of the zip
  9. Sound of handle of the door turning
  10. Sound of door slamming

Extra sound: Sound of water boiling (kettle)



About teenspirit

Hello! :) I am an enthusiastic and ambitious student in Media Production, with relevant work experience, through which I developed excellent team-work skills and a good knowledge of the media environment.
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