Risk Assessment for 03.03.2011 – Day 2 of filming

Media & Communication

School of Art & Design

Coventry University



Location:  Private  House in Coventry

Shoot dates: 1.03.2011


Complete the following table rating

  • each risks severity on scale from Negligible (N), Low risk (L), Moderate risk (M), Severe (S), Very severe (V)
  • each risks likelihood on scale from Very unlikely (VU), Unlikely (U), Possible (P), Likely (L), Very likely (VL)
  • Determine the risk factor from the table overleaf.


Severity Likelihood Risk Factor
1 Alcohol/drugs N VU 1
2 Animals/insects N VU 1
3 Audiences L P 2
4 Camera cable/grip equipment M P 2
5 Confined spaces M P 2
6 Derelict buildings/dangerous structures N VU 1
7 Electricity/gas (other than normal supplies) N U 1
8 Fatigue/long hours V VL 5
9 Fire/flammable materials and heat L U 1
10 Hazardous substances N VU 1
11 Heat/Cold/extreme weather M L 2
12 Laser/strobe effects N VU 1
13 Machinery/industrial/ crane/hoist N VU 1
14 Materials – glass, non-fire retardant set materials N VU 1
15 Night operation S VL 3
16 Noise – high sound levels M L 2
17 Non standard manual handling N VU 1
18 Public/crowds N VU 1
19 Radiation N VU 1
20 Scaffold/Rostra N VU 1
21 Smoking on set N VU 1
22 Special effects/explosives N VU 1
23 Special needs (elderly, disabled, inexperienced) N VU 1
24 Specialised rescue/first aid N VU 1
25 Stunts, dangerous activities N VU 1
26 Tall scenery/suspended ceilings N VU 1
27 Travelling to and from shoots L L 3
28 Tripping/falling N VU 1
29 Vehicles/speed N VU 1
30 Water/proximity to water N VU 1
31 Weapons N VU 1
32 Working at heights N VU 1
33 Working overseas N VU 1
34 Other risks: please detail.

Calculate the Risk Factor:


Unlikely Possible Likely Very Likely
Very severe 3 4 4 5 5
Severe 2 3 3 3 5
Moderate 2 2 3 3 3
Slight 1 2 2 3 3
Negligible 1 1 2 2 3

Decide the action to take:

5 Very severe Take immediate action/abandon location
4 Severe High priority
3 Moderate Risk Programme for action
2 Low Risk Action may be required
1 Negligible Probably acceptable

Then list each risk identified

Hazard no: Risk Factor (1-5)

Fatigue / Long Hours



Person(s) exposed (detail if cast/crew (C), outside company (O) or public (P) ) Cast + Crew (C)
Action to take Providing refreshments (coffee, tea, food) and transport to and from the location
Person/company responsible for action Anca + Jambo
To be completed at agreed later date –
Exposed person(s) informed? (y/n)  yes Agreed action taken? (y/n) 


Risk removed? (y/n)  no

Copy and paste this table for each of the hazards, then get the form signed. If the producer has not completed the risk assessment, then they should countersign this form.

Completed by:  ANCA CHIFOR          Position: sound operator + video and sound editor

Signature:          ANCA CHIFOR          Date: 28.02.2011

Countersigned by: SAM DAVIES        PRODUCER: JAMES DANN

Signature: SAM DAVIES                      Date: 01.03.2011


About teenspirit

Hello! :) I am an enthusiastic and ambitious student in Media Production, with relevant work experience, through which I developed excellent team-work skills and a good knowledge of the media environment.
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