The First Day of Shooting

Filming the Introduction Scene

Today our production process has finally started.  The first scene of the film, where Simon gets ready for work has been filmed in one of our group member’s  house . To be more precise, in Jambo’s bathroom and his  bedroom.  The reason we have chosen his bedroom for our location is not only for convenience, but also because his bedroom looks exactly like our character would own  – messy , with loads of things laying around.

Once we have booked out all the kit that we needed

  • video: one JVC,  one LCD screen for the camera, one tripod,
  • sound:  a riffle  mic, an AKG mic, one Marantz  recording device,  headphones,
  • lighting: one set of dedo lights,

we brought everything to Jambo’s place , set up the equipment and played around with it, testing the cameras, lighting and sound for one hour, so that all the technical stuff was sorted when the co-director brought our main actor.

During the filming  we  had a few technical difficulties, which slowed the progress of  our filming. Lighting was our  main obstacle.  Prior to this first day of shooting , we had some skills instructions  for lighting, which everyone  attended and felt like we were prepared. But we seemed to be wrong. Lighting  is different on  each location and because  it has a major influence on how the subject will look on camera , it needs to be set up carefully and requires patience. Shaun was responsible for the lighting, but he had to operate one of the cameras as well, as Jambo and Gergana were casting  one of our actors-Marek, in the same time. I helped shaun with the lights as much as I could and recorded sound separately, after each take.If the lighting in Jambo’s bedroom was really hard to set, well, in the bathrom it was a nightmare. The yellowish natural light looked just horible on camera and there wasn’t enough space for any dedos, so I ended up by holding one of the dedos and the boom pole of the riffle mic as well – that was quite a mission. Basically, me (holding the mic and  a dedo) and Shaun, the camera man were standing in the bath to get a profile view of our actor, looking in the mirror.Shaun also took some close-ups of Simon’s face in certain areas, such as teeth when brushing and hair when combing.

The whole  production process (including setting up  the equipment and a short tea break) took  about  4 hours, from which we got   about 20 min of footage, which we are going to use  for our  30 sec, hip-hop style quick-pased  introductory scene of Simon, preparing for his gruelling night shift.

We have tried to be as  organised as possible and the Sam was well prepared as well , having the following shot list , which we have  done before:


1.Simon  gets out of bed (shot of feet on the floor)

2. Simon spraying the deodorant (shot of his underarm and deodorant spraying)

3.Simon puts on  the Costcutter T-shirt

4.Shot of S putting on trousers

5. Simon swaps the slippers  with the other shoes

6. Close shot of his mouth drinking a cup of tea

7. Shot of door handle

8. Door slams

etra shot: kettle boiling

Bathroom shots:

1. Chain flush

2.Close shot of Simon’s eyes looking up an down

3. Water tap

4.Water going down the plug

5.Toothpaste on the toothbrush

6. Close shot of S brushing teeth

7. S washes his face

extrashot: S urinating (shot of his legs from the back and the pee in between)

So, in reflection, I have learnt that…

One thing to bear in mind  from now on is to always have a test shoot before the actual filming day. In other words,  testing the equipment on location instead of just taking pictures of the place would have been so helpful . If this had been done in advance, lighting wouldn’t have been such a pain in the ass today.

Before going into production it is vital to plan out how the movie is going to be shot and that is why the  director’s shot list has been more than helpful today.


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Hello! :) I am an enthusiastic and ambitious student in Media Production, with relevant work experience, through which I developed excellent team-work skills and a good knowledge of the media environment.
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