Casting Marek!

Yesterday, whilst Sam, Anca and Shaun filmed at mine myself and Gergana went to Ellen Terry to audition Nick and Stefan for the role of Marek. It was clear right from the start who looked best for the role. We got Gerganas friend, Nicolay (who looked perfect) to audition first. The first time he tried it was not so good, he didn’t seem to capture the true angry and controlling personality of Marek. However once Gergana explained the character to him the whole thing changed. I played Simon for the sake of the audition and Gergana played Elina.

We practised the scene where Marek comes in with Elina and orders her to go and buy him booze, shouting in a different language. The way Nicolay did this was terrifying. His commanding and aggressive tone, mixed with his strong Bulgarian accent made him perfect for the role. Stefans performance was nothing compared to how Nicolay performed, and so, with no time to spare, we cast Nick right then and there. Stefan did not mind at all, and we were very grateful that he took the time to come and audition for us.  Success!

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