After creating the storyboards with Gergana. I decided to type them up into a shot list.
I looked at previous shot lists and researched how to set out a proper one. I used a Short Film Documentary book which explained exactly how to write up a shot list.
I split up each of the shots into scenes, ‘Fade to Black’, shows that the scene has ended. There is going to be a total of 4 scenes, and 90 shots, including extra shots. This is going to be a lot of shots to film, so we are going to have to work quickly and professionally to get them all done. With lots of shots we also have more choice when we begin editing, on what we want to use.

I made sure that each shot had a clear instruction of what type of shot it was, such as M.C.U which is a medium close up. Obviously on the day of filming I will get the camera crew, consisting of Shaun and Gergana, to try out the written shot that is on the shot list, but if I feel that it doesn’t work I will try a different angle of the shot. When writing the shot list up I have made sure that the content of the shot is clear, due to the fact that I have put pictures into words, so it needs to fullfill what is on the storyboard.

I will now send the shot list to the Producer Jambo, who is going to sort out the timing for the shoot.

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