Myself and Gergana have been working all week ammending the script and storyboard so we are prepared for the shoot on Thursday.
We have today finalised the storyboard and script. The script took a lot of time to change due to the fact that the story didn’t really flow and it needed to be changed to make sense. I made sure that I could visualise the film as I would be directing it. We have written out every shot needed for the shoot on thursday, as well as writing up some extra shots which will be needed on top of the ones that we have selected to film. We learnt in the lecture today that we need to film selected shots, as well as extra shots, to make sure that we get everything that we want to film.

To make the story boards, firstly we split every part of the script up into scenes. Fade to blacks innitiates the ending of a scene in the film.

We drew up every shot on a post it note. This was very helpful as it meant that we could see the shots visually as well as changing the shots if we wanted to put them in a different order. The shots were drew up one by one which took a long time as it was made sure that every shot that we wanted was used.

I will now write the list of shots which we have created on the storyboards into a finalised shot list to be printed off and given to the crew.

Extra shots will also be added to this.

The start of the story boards, scene 1 and part of scene 2.

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