Timings for Shot List


Here is the timings of the shot list. This is a list which states what shots must be completed by what time. I have done this to ensure we stay on track with timing and get every shot we need.

The scenes that must be filmed by 2am are the more emotional-dialogue scenes. I have done this because I know our actors will be very tired by 3am, so we want to get the best out of them whilst they are still awake. Also our Marek, Nick, needs to go home at 2am, so we must get all of the shots with him in as well before Liz arrives to collect him.

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2 Responses to Timings for Shot List

  1. rossav3 says:

    Hey. Your shot and sound lists look really good and its also good that you’re taking into account your actors energy levels in relation to your shooting order and the performance you need from them. I’d suggest you now put together one master document from the lists you’ve created that can be used on set by a production co-ordinator or the director to make it as simple as possible. As you’re shooting out of sequence it will be worth thinking about how to shoot things most efficiently (which you’ve already started to do) – especially as its a late night shoot, things like your sound requirements should be captured at the most convenient time during the shoot rather than necessarily at the end. Looks like you’ve got things under control though.

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