Has been sorted! Earlier today I booked mini-bus to come and collect us from my house to take us to the Costcutter in Nuneaton. Last night I got quoted a price of £75 return. However today I have managed to find an 8 person mini-bus, there and back, for £50! So that’s about £8 each, not too bad considering how much petrol would have cost, and how much more effort it would have been for Sam to drive there and back constantly. A problem that has just come up now is that our Marek needs to leave at 1/2am, as he has something important happening on the Friday. Therefore we need to film all of his scenes in the first 4 hours, to ensure that he can leave on time and that we get all the required shots. Originally for his transport we were going to pay for him to get a taxi back home.

The company that I rang quoted me £32 to get from Costutter to Coventry, which we were not thrilled about but had no other choice… until Sam rang her sister. Liz Davies said she would come and collect Nick from Costcutter and bring him back to Coventry for £4 each for petrol money. This is so much more convenient and cheaper for everyone, so we’re glad to have this sorted out! I am going to go and collect lighting with Shaun tomorrow at 5 and bring it back to mine. Then, at 8pm, Gergana and someone else will walk down to Ellen Terry to meet the actors, and bring them back to my house. I will stay in my house with the equipment, incase the bus arrives early.

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