Gergana – camera operator

Hello, this is the post after a lot of hours sleeping after the shooting night. Really hard time to concentrate – the night but I think we have done it great. Just have been through the footage and I really think we have loads of it and good.

So about my participation in the project. Well, I am the camera operator so most of it was done during the production night. For the pre-production I was part of the whole team. We were discussing the script, making the story board – Sam and me, sorting out the equipment issues, looking at the location. We all have to say one big “Thank you!” to Veesh, Sam’s friend who made this happening because let us use his shop for the filming and actually let us do whatever we want in there and use everything we need.

After the reccie night in the shop we all started to think about shots and as soon as the script was ready Sam and me started to make the story board. To be fair I didn’t take a lot of actions in the script except with some ideas because of my bad English, but I think the guys made a really good job with it. When we actually started the story board we had to cut some things and actually change it a bit to its final version because it looked really long. But we still kept all the important parts of the story. It took us lots of days doing it, acting it, asking our friends for opinion and to play it with us, which was actually really fun. We were doing this for first time and  in my opinion we developed our skills in planning, drawing, developing the story , etc. This was the time we realized how important the story board and the shot list is. We were writing down every single shot when we were creating it.

The were exactly what we wanted from them. Some times I had the feeling that Elina is happier than she has to be, but she was acting good. In my personal opinion Simon was the best of all of them. His face expressions were the right and what he had to do even better. Marek was a friend of mine who actually came into the production at the last minute and saved us.We couldn’t see our Marek in the the guys that came to the auditions so we had to ask our friends for this and he was perfect. Unfortunately we had a problem because he had to finish and leave at 2am in the morning because he had important meeting on Friday morning but Sam’s sister was so good to come and stay with us on the cold for hours and return him to Coventry.

I knew what we want from the shots as I helped Sam with it and was thinking with her, but still asked her for every single one. She was really funny jumping with the clapperboard, like a real director. With Shaun we were working really good as a team.

We had to think about some new shots, positions of the camera, movements, add some new things during the shooting. We reacted really good and Sam has a really good vision at the things and made some right decisions according to the shots, script and actions in the scenes.

Anca was recording the sound on the marantz using the riffle microphone. The only think I am worried about is if we are going to adjust the footage to the sound perfectly.

On the actual day we had the shot list and just started the filming. I think we were really organized and we had the perfect transport for this , thanks to Jambo. The bus was on time, fit everyone of us, fit the equipment and send us to Ellen Terry building in the morning.

Hard work is filming during the night but for me kind of preferable. I learned a lot in this project. Things about my work and how to improve it also things about working with people in a group. To be fair every single project learn us some really important things about us and the other people.

Well, I hope whatever was hard between us to make us stronger. I think this was one really hard and really well done project so far. The post-production will be as hard as the production but we can do it because we are the awesome panthers!


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