Editing – problems and the solvation of them

Well, we have started editing yesterday. At first we started looking at the footage, which takes a lot of time because of the fact that the JVC makes separate folders for each clip every time when you press record. During the tutorial with Steve and his helpers at the moment we realized that we made a big mistake filming MPG4. Unfortunately non of us knew this will cause us problems. I told Shaun we should film like this because filming QuickTime if we need we can’t edit on PC or even look at the footage. Big mistake and now we have a bit problem because of the obstructions that this cause us about the using of editing software. Filming MPG4 we cannot edit on FinalCut but only on Premiere Pro. So we are forced to use Premiere.

The sound of the footage is really bad on some places. I can say most of it. Fortunately this is the sound on the cameras. We definitely had to pay attention to the right format on both of the cameras , just for a back up. But again fortunately we have all the sound recorded separate on Marantz which is good for us in this situation. I really hope that this will work and we will adjust it to the video properly. We can do it!

We were supposed to have the rough cut uploaded tonight but will be uploaded tomorrow because we didn’t have enough time to export it today because it was time for the building to be closed. So we will have it uploaded tomorrow. We have learned our lesson for future and will know how to set our cameras and how to record the sound and set it and everything. It will be pain but we will do it!

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