After researching online about the best way to go about distributing our artefact, especially looking at http://www.ehow.com/how_2077624_distribute-short-film.html. I have found that contacting small independent distributers may be the best way forward for getting our short film out into the world. I will begin to research more on independent film distributers and will be in touch with them once our final piece has been completed. For now I have found a long list of UK and international based indepenand film distributors, which can be found here- http://www.independentfilmdistribution.com/?page_id=18

Another approach I will be taking is getting in contact with film reviewers and journalists. Reviewing the film may mean that we get some criticism, but it will still be a way to make our short more wildly known. I will first be approaching people who are on media courses that I know and getting them to write a review of it online. A cousin of mine writes for a Warwick based film-review magazine, so I’ll try and get him to take a look at our short. Of course putting our artefact online is the best way to reach an audience, and may even attract fans and distributers.

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