Throughout the short film I have been doing research into various different aspects of production. As producer, one of the main things I have been looking into is where our piece would fit in the wider world. Recently an opportunity for BBC Big Screen opened up, where we can submit our short films for the chance of getting them displayed in Birmingham. We will of course be submitting our final piece to there. Upon my research an excellent website I found which has helped me understand more about how to distribute my film is e-how.com. I’ve learned that such things as screening our short to distributers will be much more benificial than trying to self distribute. Both because of the time it will take to distribute by myself, and the money cost. As well as having no experience in this field. Getting a website looks like it will be a good way of making our film look much more professional as well. Something simple that promotes our film and that is easy to navigate around would be ideal. Even big Hollywood films such as Insepction have simple websites which outline where to purchase the film and where to watch the trailer. I think something much more simplistic than this website, but still keeping the professional look, would be fantastic. Unlike Inseption though we would not make people pay to watch our film!

I came across this video entitled “How to distribute your indie film” which helps explain the ways in with distributors may get your film out there but will give you very little money. This really is no concern for us, as the man in the video said “Maybe only something like a few thousand dollars”. Where as that would be very nice, I do not think we will be making money from this short. Our only intention is to get our film out there and get it recognised and appreciated by a media audience.

I have found that contacting small independent distributers may be the best way forward for getting our short film out into the world. I will be in touch with them once our final piece has been completed. For now I have found a long list of UK and international based indepenand film distributors, which can be found here-http://www.independentfilmdistribution.com/?page_id=18. Another approach I will be taking is getting in contact with film reviewers and journalists. Reviewing the film may mean that we get some criticism, but it will still be a way to make our short more wildly known. I will first be approaching people who are on media courses that I know and getting them to write a review of it online. A cousin of mine writes for a Warwick based film-review magazine, so I’ll try and get him to take a look at our short. Of course putting our artefact online is the best way to reach an audience, and may even attract fans and distributers. Distributing our artefact will mean that our short will no longer be a university project but will now be a professional piece of work out there in the real world.


I was expecting to do a post on the odd few short film festivals that I have found that look suitable to send our film to, but after researching it seems that there are hundreds of them that look perfect for ours to be sent to! I feel that our best bet of being accepted is by sending out video off to short student film festivals such as Exposures and Screentest Festival. We will of course be branching out and submitting our piece to all other short film festivals around the globe, there’s no harm in trying! Our short falls under the category of ‘Drama’ and there seem to be a vast amount of festivals that accept that, as I imagine it’s one of the most common genres. After the piece has been edited and we have a film poster/DVD cover I will begin burning the DVDs and posting them off, and emailing them to those festivals which accept online submissions.

Below is a list of but a few festivals that would be appropriate to send our short too.

Websites such as Britfilms.co.uk have an extensive list of all UK film festivals, of which i’ve one through and found many that would be appropriate. There are also loads of international festivals which we could try and send our film too. I am feeling confident that we will be able to get our film into at least one festival, and as stated, our best shot is with student film festivals. Any festival we get our piece in will be a great achievement for us, and I’m excited at the prospect of starting to apply to all of these festivals.

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