Conventions of our genre

Upon my research I have discovered a short film which is closely related to our one. This short film entitled ‘Cashback‘ was found on the Indlie Movie website. Why it is so similar to ours is not only the location, as it’s set in a supermarket, but also because the main character is somewhat like our Simon. The main character here is somewhat quiet and reserved, going about his day doing what he is told by the boss. Except in this short film he has the ability to start and stop time when he cracks his fingers. When he stopps time he undresses people adn sketches them in the supermarket. There is a voiceover playing throughout most of the short film, which reminded me a lot of our one. Here the voiceover is used to describe everyhting, as there is very little dialogue. This is similar to our piece as most of what is expressed is shown visually through facial expression and some voice over parts. As this short film is about a boy at a supermarket and is a drama, I feel that our short film mimics this quite well and so it will have a place in the wider world.

The pace of a drama is very important. Dramas such as this tend to be quite slow paced and have long lasting shots of the surroundings. As we can see in this short there are a few shots of the camera simply travelling down an isle of the shop. If the pace is too fas then it gives of the conventions of an action/thriller. Dramas, especially UK dramas such as ‘About a Girl’ tend to have that gritty realism edge to them. Often low saturation colours and long shots depict a morbid mise-en-scene which revolves around the main characters life. Establishing that a short film is a drama is done quite quickly through the tone of the piece and how the characters interact. Slow conversations and monotonous routines of life such as going to work are often signs of a drama, as they are as highly realistic to every day life.

Dramas can have different elements to them as well such as a surreal take on a routine (like the freezing of time) or the encoperation of other genres such as comedy. Comedy in dramas can work quite well, especially in rom-coms. Our piece pulls from a small amount of comedy, but only enough to break the tension in the scene and to make it reflect what would really happen in real life in the situation. As IMDB states “A dramatic film shows us human beings at their best, their worst, and everything in-between” This can all be said to be true of our short, as we see human beings at their best (making a picnic for a girl he loves). Their worst (the abusive boyfriend, Marek) and everything in-between (the working out of how to approach Elina and tell her his feelings). I think that our short does well in encompassing all the different elements of a good drama, and that we have understood and completed our piece well for the genre we are representing.


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