Music according to change of the story

The story has been changed quite a lot of times and now it has been changed again which has meant thinking differently about the film. Instead of starting with the scene of Simon swapping shifts, the story will go straight into the introduction of Marek. I have been listening to some piano music and think that this will work well at the start, introducing the film, then progressing to a louder volume when the title is introduced. After the title is introduced I think that there should be some quite happy music when Simon and Elina speaks, showing a change in the mood as they have just met and it is a happy occasion. For the next part of the film I don’t think there should be any music, as it is a tense moment when Marek comes in with Elina. When he whacks the shopping out of her hand I think that the music should get louder and once again piano music should be played.

An example of dramatic piano music to create an effect to show that it is a tense moment is above.

When Simon takes Elina into the stock room to make a picnic for Elina I think

After feedback from our lecturers we have agreed that this works better that having it drag on, that way at the start Marek and Elina are both introduced. At the end of the film there is going to be a shot of Simon left in the aisle of Costcutter, the camera then zooms out showing that he has been rejected, with another shot of Elina walking away.

I have been looking at different types of music for the film and have decided that in some parts the sound of a piano would work.

At the start of the fil

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